5 Most Common Reasons For Facebook Account Banned/Disable

5 Most Common Reasons for Facebook ads account ban suspend
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Account suspended, Disabled or Banned Permanently on Facebook? Feeling obsessed, don’t know what is the reason or it can be solved or not? You know recently Facebook has suspended more than 1 million accounts for violating Facebook policies.

Facebook a money machine, Nothing wrong for naming it such. An enormous amount of big companies have shifted their spend away from Google AdWords and those typical media to Facebook. For sure it’s the trending social media from years having about 1.7 billion of the world’s population surfing it. Facebook has got all his ATMs flooded with money and their share prices keep going up.

In 2015, big companies got pulled in with $6 billion in revenue. Simple is that Facebook doesn’t care if affiliates such as me or you get banned. Facebook will ban your account if it gets the slightest hint of you doing something suspicious. Facebook is no one’s friend. Nothing will ruin your day more than seeing that dear user your account has been banned by Facebook. But don’t forget without reason they will not ban your facebook account.

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5 Most Common Reasons for Facebook ads account ban suspend

5 Most Common Reasons for Facebook account banned suspend

Know what’s even worst? They don’t even tell you why!! I heard many people getting banned or permanently disable/suspension on Facebook and no one knows the reason. I have been using it from years without getting banned and gonna share reason for facebook account banned?

Most Common Reasons For Facebook Account Banned/suspended

  • using a fake Information

Sometimes, it happens most of the people sign up on Facebook with fake info and end up with disabling their account, another reason relate with fake information is using the object or product name as a profile name and it became the first reason to look up Facebook security teams on your profile. So always use your original name.

  •  Posting copyrighted material

It is the most common issue found in Facebook ads account suspension/ ban. Why? Because you don’t have the authority to use someone material. Like using copyright music without permission, videos and selling brand products on your page without permission.
The best solution to avoid a ban or suspend by Facebook for copyright issues is to create your own material.

  • fake credit card or suspended payment method

In, early days Facebook introduced a method of promoting your products or thing on Social media. a method was simple you just have to boost your post and by entering a payment method such, as PayPal, credit card or another payment method suitable for users, after the boost end, Facebook ads account charge an amount. But some people used this method to deceive FB.com what happens to their account we all know the rest.

  • Political Post promotion

After, a recent update of Facebook after Reuters report a Facebook privacy scandal of 87 million user data leaks, Mark Zuckerberg CEO, of Facebook faced some serious charges and allegations that leaked data help politician to succeed in Elections. So, after this Facebook rolled an update if you are running a promotion of political post u might stop it because if you are not a legit person to use that content your Facebook ads account will face suspension or permanent ban.

  • Promoting offensive material or posts 

Again, if you are promoting offensive posts about someone without their permission your Facebook account ban is near. Offensive post such as religious posts.

  • Getting reported by rather too many people

If your post is getting reported by too many people, the Facebook security team will ban your ads account.


After reading the most common reasons for getting Facebook ads to account suspend, be careful because after the security team disables/suspend your Facebook ads account there is only one way to open it. By appealing but these things not work properly. In the End before advertising on Facebook you must-read Facebook Advertising Policies.

If you want to know further why facebook has banned you take a look at this Video Below

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